Greywing and Dataloy agree API integration deal

Greywing and Dataloy Systems have entered a strategic partnership to facilitate data integration between their respective systems via API integrations.

The partnership will allow Dataloy’s voyage management platform and Greywing’s crew-change automation software to share data directly, with the aim of creating a more integrated ecosystem for vessel information.

Onboarding Dataloy’s feeds onto the Greywing platform will reduce the set-up time required for mutual clients and allow new clients to have access to a wider range of data points across the integrated platform, the partners note.

“We are very excited about our strategic partnership with Greywing, which is the first of its kind, allowing two parallel operations – crew management and voyage operations – to seamlessly connect for smoother operations,” said Hege Jacobsen, Head of Partner Relations at Dataloy Systems.

“Crew automation is a complex area of work that is critical to operational efficiency. Having a system that truly assists in managing this complexity is advantageous, and we believe that integrating with Dataloy’s VMS will add exponential value for our customers.”

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