MAAP to add new simulators at Philippines facility

The new Innovation Lab at the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP) in the Philippines is to be fitted with a range of new simulators linked to digital twin technology, following the agreement of a new deal between the Academy and Kongsberg Digital.

The contract consists of a Long-Term System Support Programme (LTSSP) and the delivery of simulators focused on Digital Twin, Shore Control, Remote Control Centre and MASS (maritime autonomous surface ship) technologies.

As part of the Digital Twin initiative, Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight will be installed on the academy’s training vessel. This will allow MAAP’s students to gain first-hand experience on the vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure and give them the ability to analyse vessel data over time.

A new celestial navigation simulator system will also be delivered, alongside new consoles for MAAP’s existing K-Sim Navigation bridge simulators, as well as a mid-life upgrade of its motion platform, including four class-B K-Sim Engine room simulators.

This will update MAAP’s range of existing simulator training courses, such as ship handling/navigation, engine room management, cargo handling and advanced firefighting.

“MAAP is a leading institution of excellence for maritime education and training in the Asia-Pacific region, but the worlds of maritime training and simulation never stand still. Our longstanding relationship with Kongsberg Digital has consistently equipped us to retain our position as a pioneer in the use of new simulation-based training tools,” said MAAP President Admiral Eduardo Ma. Santos.

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