‘K’ Line rolls out new cyber platform

Japanese shipping company ‘K’ Line has introduced a new AI-based cyber security platform, to safeguard ship-shore communications on its managed fleet and strengthen its infrastructure as it moves forward with its ongoing digitalisation strategy.

The company will use the Cybereason system from Cybereason Japan Corp, a local affiliate of the Boston-based cyber defence firm, adopting its monitoring and analysis service for detection and response to cyber threats.

Cybereason builds machine learning engines and processing systems that analyse large amounts of data within organisations to deliver a cyber-attack prevention platform that visualises and prevents various cyber threats.

“Nowadays, it has become quite difficult to prevent highly sophisticated cyber-attacks by the ship’s conventional security solutions such as anti-virus software and firewalls, which have been the main security measures for ships,” ‘K’ Line said, in a statement.

“In order to enhance the ship’s preventive security measures against intrusions and strengthen the response after intrusions, we have introduced a new cyber security platform, Cybereason. It includes NGAV (Next Generation Anti-Virus), which can prevent all types of malware, and EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response), which is able to detect and respond to cyber threats that have slipped through conventional security solutions.”

“In addition, the cyber security experts monitor the shipboard security 24/7 through Cybereason MDR service. This unified cyber security platform and security monitoring service surely help to enhance the shipboard cyber resilience of our vessels both before and after any threat intrusions.”

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