Aventra Group and Tambora Systems partner on port 5G

Maritime data analytics firm Aventra Group is to partner with networking technology company Tambora Systems to offer a range of private and shared 5G network services for ports and terminals, to allow vessels to connect to high-speed links when visiting.

“This partnership is an enormous step to democratise 5G for the maritime industry,” said Juan Jose Gil, CEO and Executive Director at Aventra Digital.

“We are proud to be working together with Tambora to create a unique 5G solution for the industry that will speed up terminal automation and vessel transformation. All this will help to accelerate the maritime digital transformation which is ultimately our mission in Aventra.”

Singapore-based Tambora’s EdgeCore technology is a unified 5G and 4G mobile packet core built for deployment at the edge by service providers, allowing local networks to be created that leverage existing telco infrastructure rather than requiring a standalone 5G network to be built from scratch.

“The shipping industry is the backbone of today’s globalised economy. Improving the industry’s operational efficiency through digital transformation can positively impact the lives of people everywhere,” said Anand Uppili, co-founder and CEO of Tambora Systems.

“Our partnership with Aventra Group will enable the shipping industry to innovate over a robust foundation of affordable, flexible, and reliable connectivity solutions and services.”

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