Bahri partners with Aventra Group to build data platform

The national shipping carrier of Saudi Arabia, Bahri, has signed a strategic partnership with tech company Aventra Group to provide a range of digital services to support the utilisation of operational data to improve its decision-making capabilities.

The deal will include the creation of a maritime-based data orchestration platform that will store, sort, and combine data across Bahri’s business units, allowing the company to automate data processes.

“Our partnership with Aventra Group is a great step towards implementing the latest technology to aid in our day-to-day operations. Data is the core to all digital transformation, and this partnership enables Bahri to accelerate its strategy to ensure that we further strengthen Bahri’s comprehensive logistics and transportation offerings,” said Waleed Alsobayel, Acting Chief Technology Officer, Bahri.

Bahri’s new platform will collect and prepare data, analyse transactional efficiency and stream real-time information, including data from sensor-based Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This catalogued data will then be used to underpin business insights using both machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

“We are proud to have been chosen for this strategic project and understand the importance of this partnership,” said Ajay Gupta, CEO and Executive Director of Aventra Digital.

“Aventra will use its advanced data platform technology and maritime expertise to build a data orchestration platform to enable Bahri to stay competitive in an ever-changing global market. Digitisation is driving a significant shift in the maritime and logistics industry to move toward a data-driven culture.”

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