Brittany Ferries begins camera system installations

Brittany Ferries has announced plans to install a Smart Panoramic Edge Camera System (SPECS) from Wärtsilä Voyage to improve the safety and efficiency of its passenger ferry operations, with a first installation of the system planned for the passenger ferry Salamanca that started operations between Portsmouth and Bilbao in March 2022.

The SPECS super-wide cameras will give the crew a 360° view around the ferry, from the edge of the hull to the horizon, streamed directly to the bridge in real-time.

Live distance indications to objects around the vessel can help to reduce risks of a collision and help those onboard in navigating rough seas.

“When the captain is confident in manoeuvring it improves safety, saves time and fuel. This clear and strong return on investment makes adopting SPECS an obvious decision,” said Arnaud Le Poulichet, Director of Engineering and Maintenance, Brittany Ferries.

“But there is more to embracing digitalisation. Using the latest technology also plays an important role in attracting high-quality crew. By having innovative technology onboard, we make seafaring attractive to a new generation of seafarers – who we must engage in the industry.”

Processed SPECS data can also be exported for use in simulation and training, with Brittany Ferries planning to use the data to show other crew how manoeuvring can be performed in specific conditions and ports.

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