Chord X in new Geislinger partnership

Geislinger, an Austrian provider of powertrain systems, has signed a proof of concept (POC) agreement with vessel performance and emissions data company Chord X to widen data access within Geislinger’s digital maritime applications.

The agreement will focus on delivering improved services to users of the Geislinger Analytic Platform (GAP), a cloud-based system for monitoring of torsional vibrations and of dampers, shaft lines and couplings. This allows predictive analysis and anomaly detection to be more easily performed to avoid unplanned downtime and improve the reliability of operations.

The collaboration with Chord X will see both companies work to provide additional visibility into the performance of the vessel within the software, allowing users to review the current operating propeller curve with reference to factors such as weather, high seas and other operational parameters. With this additional data users will have a more complete picture of the efficiency of the vessel, opening up new options in areas like Condition Based Maintenance (CBM).

The POC project will see selected Geislinger customers given access to the enhanced GAP with these performance monitoring features.

“Our partnership with Geislinger will further allow us to provide data-driven metrics to enable our users to operate their vessels and machinery with confidence and enhancing reliability,” said Tin Wei Hong, Head of Business and Partnerships at Chord X.

“Through this partnership, Chord X believes that the way to bring about the benefits of Industrial 4.0 to the marine segment is firmly through trust and collaboration.”

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