CII Estimator added to BOSS software package

India-based software company Blue Water has added a new CII Estimator to its BOSS application package, which aims to allow vessel owners and operators to assess the future operational impact on their fleets of any efforts to optimise CII ratings and reach decarbonisation targets.

The BOSS CII Estimator within the BOSS Voyage Optimization Suite calculates the yearly CII based on a range of parameters, using AI and machine learning-assisted vessel digital twins. Hundreds of trading patterns are simulated to estimate how different operational parameters will impact the vessel’s CII rating.

These features can be used to highlight ships’ current CII rating, assess the impact of CO2 emissions on the CII rating due to future trade patterns, identify the most suitable trading pattern for better CII ratings, and determine the optimum speed instructions for a vessel for a certain trade route.

Estimates can be created from a vessel’s past data or live sensor data to generate a digital twin, using a standard margin for simulation, but with an option to use historical weather data for actual sea margins.

The CII estimator also takes into account vessel class specific weather and sea factors to compute speed and emissions details.

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