ZeroNorth launches new application package for bunker management

Maritime tech company ZeroNorth has announced the launch of ZeroNorth Bunker, an integrated software system for bunker planning, procurement, and analytics services.

The software aims to centralise the entire bunkering process within one platform, converting millions of real-time data points into actionable insights. Integrated with the overall ZeroNorth platform, ZeroNorth Bunker includes a range of modular applications for planning, procuring and analysing bunker operations.

A Bunker Planner service provides delivers recommendations for where, when and how much to bunker based on real time data points, including bunker prices from over 100 ports, utilising both historical analysis and forecasting functionality.

The Bunker Procurement module handles general bunker enquiry management from procurement to payment, including contracts, fuel tests and quality reporting and audit trails. The service helps buyers match suppliers with ports and manages documentation, invoicing and claims to facilitate communication between master, bunker desk, and operator.

An additional Bunker Analytics service leverages ZeroNorth’s available data to extract insight on the impact of past decisions to improve decisions to be taken in the future.

“ZeroNorth Bunker allows companies to execute a fleet-wide bunker strategy and integrate their decision-making for what, where, when, how much and from whom to bunker with their voyage, vessel, and emissions optimisation efforts seamlessly,” said Kenneth Juhls, Managing Director, ZeroNorth Bunker.

“Our ambition with ZeroNorth Bunker is to support and enable bunker buyers, suppliers and traders to digitalise their operations, reduce bunker consumption, increase earnings and, ultimately, enable the decarbonisation of the shipping industry.”

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