Danelec integrates CCTV footage with VDR data

Maritime IoT infrastructure provider Danelec has developed a new system for the integration of on-board High-Definition CCTV with data collected and stored by its voyage data recorders (VDR), timestamped and synchronised for playback in the same interface as the VDR data.

Called IP Video Interface (IPVI), the technology is designed to augment situational awareness for accident investigators and provide operational insight for ship operator management teams, as well as training organisations and instructors.

Users can review an expanded controllable timeline of events and log the view from any connected CCTV camera against the mandated data in the VDR system including radar, ECDIS and alarms, as well as audio recordings.

The IPVI system is designed to protect the integrity of VDR data and ensure that regulatory performance of the VDR cannot be affected. It provides only still images directly to the VDR at user-defined intervals, while the video is stored directly within the IPVI system’s internal storage or a connected NAS.

The data can be extracted, pulling data from the VDR and footage from the IPVI to visually correlate events during an investigation, or for use as post-incident feedback and training.

“While CCTV footage is not part of mandated regulatory data collected by our DM100 VDR, we believe that, as an optional upgrade, IPVI adds tangible value for end-users by providing the opportunity to review external conditions and crew response to an incident at sea,” said Casper Jensen, CEO, Danelec.

“The system reflects our work to continuously improve the capabilities of our market leading VDRs, either in response to regulatory changes or, as in this case, to provide our customers a way to improve safety and marine operations from the data that their trusted DM100 systems provide.” 

The IPVI can be supplied for newbuild and retrofit installation and is expected to be available for ordering during Q4 2022.

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