Emissions tracking software launched by Yxney Maritime

Yxney Maritime has launched a new emissions tracking software system to assist vessel operators in decarbonising ship operations.

The CORE system is being implemented by Norwegian shipowners Solstad Offshore and Siem Offshore, analysing data from a total of more than 100 vessels across the global fleets of both companies to augment their existing Maress and NOxDigital applications, provided by Yxney parent company VPS.

“With 80 vessels operating worldwide, we needed an effective digital tool to handle high data volumes and complexity to track emissions across our fleet and determine the initiatives we need to achieve to meet our goal to cut emissions by 50% within 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050,” said Solstad Offshore’s Chief Sustainability Officer Tor Inge Dale.

“CORE enables us to plot a course and plan ahead for emissions reduction as we take the lead on this digital journey together with key technology suppliers such as Yxney Maritime.”

CORE interprets CII and CII equivalents as a score related to emissions-saving goals for 2030 compared with 2008 as a baseline – or the ‘coreScore’ – that provides a comparative ranking of different companies’ efforts to reduce their emissions.

The software also makes it possible to plan for various emissions reduction initiatives for the fleet – such as installation of hybrid battery power, sails or use of biofuels – as well as assess their emissions impact, estimated cost and return on capital to enable scenario planning for optimal investments.

In addition, the application offers a library of measures to determine current and future emission trajectories for different vessels that can be shared with other shipowners to improve the industry’s overall performance.

“It is important to realise that carbon-intensity requirements will become stricter over time so companies cannot remain static and still achieve compliance. CORE is therefore a dynamic tool that enables emissions targets to be adjusted and achieved in line with regulations,” said Simen Sanna, Chief Executive of Yxney Maritime.

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