Royal Caribbean Group agrees training deal with NAPA

Royal Caribbean Group has entered into a new crew training technology agreement with software company NAPA, to deliver eLearning services to its cruise ship crews worldwide.

This partnership will help Royal Caribbean Group train both shipboard and shoreside crew on the latest stability software and technology to support the safe operation of its global fleet of 64 vessels.  

The NAPA Stability eLearning course will be delivered to all Royal Caribbean Group crew members who use the safety management software. This represents around 500 people per year across the company’s fleet.

The online course, which will be implemented directly into Royal Caribbean Group’s own existing training platform, will allow crews to acquire core knowledge on ship stability principles such as intact stability, damage stability and strength.  

“For shipping’s decarbonisation transition to succeed, it must focus not only on technology but also recognise that people are at the very heart of it. As the industry develops and deploys a range of alternative fuels, clean technologies, and digital solutions, it must also ensure that crews have the proper training to handle these new systems and processes,” said Annettys Acosta, Director of Customer Relations at NAPA Safety Solutions.

“Considering there are approximately 250,000 seafarers on cruise ships alone, the cost implications of training could be massive. Recognising the scale of the challenge, NAPA is dedicated to delivering comprehensive training that will make switching to new advanced software smoother and cost-efficient.”

“Our NAPA Stability eLearning means that seafarers can get relevant training on the actual software they are going to use in their daily work, and we are proud to see it deployed across the teams of Royal Caribbean Group, a true industry pioneer and a longstanding NAPA partner.”

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