Pavilion Energy and DNV develop digital LNG bunkering for Singapore

Pavilion Energy and DNV have jointly developed a new digital LNG bunkering platform tailored to operations in the Port of Singapore, the companies have announced.

“As the world’s leading and trusted bunkering hub, we welcome Pavilion Energy and DNV’s efforts to develop digital solutions for LNG bunkering to further increase the transparency and efficiency of bunkering operations and provide better assurance to LNG bunker buyers and suppliers in the Port of Singapore,” said Capt. M. Segar, Assistant Chief Executive (Operations) of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

The system leverages DNV’s FuelBoss platform, launched in 2021, with the aim of improving process integrity, data transparency, and operational efficiency for users in the port city, offering digital checklists and electronic Bunker Delivery Notes to replace paper alternatives.

“Ahead of our LNG bunkering vessel entering into operation early next year, Pavilion Energy has dedicated our attention to ensuring the marine bunkering processes are managed as efficiently; and as transparent and trustworthy as possible,” said Alan Heng, Group CEO of Pavilion Energy.

“To this end, we have fully embraced digitalisation in our bunkering operations. With the streamlining and optimising of processes, we are well positioned to partner our customers in achieving greater efficiency in their bunkering operations.”

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