RightShip launches digital vessel Screening service

RightShip has introduced a new Screening service, designed to help cargo traders, financiers and insurers make accurate decisions about vessel clearance and vetting, based on their own risk policies.

The new due diligence offering was developed in collaboration with a group of RightShip customers based on feedback requesting support for ‘flash title’ cargo trading, financing and insurance requirements.

Screening can be requested directly using a three step process or embedded into existing workflows via an Application Programming Interface (API). In cases where additional scrutiny is needed, customers can also engage the RightShip team by requesting a full vet for a more comprehensive due diligence result.

Vessels are measured against a combination of over 50 rules, selected and controlled by the user, with this list of rules to grow over time as improvements are made in data availability.

Selected decision-makers within an organisation can also grant an exception and pass a vessel where a Screening outcome fails due to the pre-programmed soft rules. In case of escalation, all necessary information is provided within the system, the company says.

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