Nautilus Labs and OrbitMI in new partnership

Maritime software firms Nautilus Labs and OrbitMI have announced a new partnership to provide an integrated system to manage data integration and optimisation for customers of their respective applications.

Joint clients of the newly formed partnership will be able to access Orbit Reporter, a browser-based tool that provides standardised reporting structures and templates, including Noon reports, Arrival/Departure Reports, Cargo Reports, Event Reports, or Statements of Facts.

The software will leverage onboard vessel data within those reports collected by Orbit, combined with high-frequency sensor data if available, and integrate it via API with Nautilus Labs’ machine learning technology to provide voyage optimisation functionality.

“The partnership between OrbitMI and Nautilus highlights the importance of collaboration in the industry,” said Jan Wilhelmsson, Chief Commercial Officer at Nautilus Labs.

“Leveraging Orbit’s solution in combination with high-frequency data, we can quickly integrate to generate value by monitoring the vessel’s performance and optimising its voyages. The complimentary offering provides a full suite of solutions – from noon and claims reporting to machine learning-based boil-off gas optimisation.”

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