OTG enlists SnapLogic to improve data integration

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) reports that it has partnered with IT firm SnapLogic to work on platform design for a new generation of Enterprise Data Management capabilities and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), to better support users in integrating with OTG’s software products.

SnapLogic offers no-code/low-code automation and data integration services that will leverage AI to connect OTG’s platforms with customer and third-party data sources in a more efficient way.

OTG says that this should improve customers’ ability to create and manage reports or dashboards from aggregated data sets, allowing them to make better decisions on operational and HR related matters.

“Rather than tying up software developers’ time in getting them to build custom interfaces with each of our clients’ platforms, it made sense to leverage an integration platform and then a team of data integration specialists to do this so my developers could focus on their main responsibility which is to create new software products,” said Ian Hepworth, CTO at Ocean Technologies Group.

“SnapLogic has years of proven experience and uses intuitive systems in the cloud that can detect the different characteristics between the numerous applications companies use, making it easier and faster to connect them together so they can share high quality and consistent data sets.”

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