Spring Marine implements Veson platform for contract management

Greek shipping company Spring Marine Management has agreed a deal to implement the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) as its commercial contract management system, the companies have announced.

VIP will provide Spring Marine with a common digital platform to link teams responsible for management of its fleet of oil/chemical tankers and bulk carriers, providing data-based insights into operations across the organisation.

“Its esteemed reputation, ease of use and expertise in maritime shipping were among the reasons why we selected VIP as our company’s end-to-end solution. In today’s ever-changing workplace, it’s important to have technology that can evolve as quickly as your business,” said Konstantinos Zacharias, ICT Officer at Spring Marine Management.

“For example, as we look forward to the future, impending new regulations regarding carbon emissions present a need for shipping companies to change. Spring Marine Management S.A. aims to implement measures such as SEEMP, EEDI and EEXI, which combine operational and technical measures to help ship operators achieve reductions in emissions.”

“We expect VIP to play an important role in these changes by driving improvements to our existing business processes, increasing productivity and profitability, and developing new solutions to support new needs.”

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