Hanseaticsoft adds software support for multiple languages

Lloyd’s Register company Hanseaticsoft is adding support for a range of new languages to its on-board software system, Cloud Ship Manager (CSM).

In addition to English, the application is now also being made available in German and Spanish, with French, Romanian, Dutch and further languages expected to be added next year.

Cloud Ship Manager, the on-board component of Hanseaticsoft’s Cloud Fleet Manager, is an app which allows crews at sea to manage operational and management processes while continuously exchanging information with shore offices.

The system supports updating of payroll information, allows working and rest hours to be logged for regulation compliance and planning of crew accommodation, and supports data collection for purchasing, maintenance, inspections, scheduling, and other procedures.

As soon as the data is entered and synchronised it will be available in the office and can be accessed by all relevant personnel. The software can also be used offline with data being synchronised when the fleet next has an internet connection.

“We recognise that shipping crews are made up of people from all over the world. By introducing multiple languages to reflect the multinational and diverse nature of the maritime shipping industry, we are making it even easier for crew to use our app,” said Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director, Hanseaticsoft.

“Being able to use the system in the language of choice not only increases ease of use, but simultaneously decreases the risk for errors – leading to higher quality of data.”

“The use of modern technologies and cloud computing is revolutionising how companies operate these days, simplifying daily tasks, reducing complexity and ultimately saving time and cutting costs. Now crew can use our app in the language of their choice which will further increase usability and speed up operations and data sharing between land and staff based at sea.”

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