Multiple data sets capability added to platform

Belgian technology company has upgraded its no-code geospatial data analysis platform to add new capabilities for handling multiple data sets at once during analysis.

Users of the platform can now attach any number of data sources to a project and analyse them within a common spatial and temporal reference frame.

The company notes that the user interface has also been re-designed for better handling of multiple data sets at once, allowing interaction with dozens of layers of data on maps, timelines, and widgets.

“We listened to the feedback of our users and carefully designed and implemented new interaction workflows and interfaces to handle multiple data sets at once,” said Dr Bart Adams, CTO and Founder at

“This was not an easy task, as data sets not only differ by the type of information they contain, but also possibly by the spatial and temporal references that need to be handled properly in a correct common reference frame.”

In the maritime domain, this new functionality could, for example, assist users in analysing a vessel journey and behaviour in the context of the ocean environment, combining weather information, ocean information, and vessel IoT data within a single common situational picture.

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