Odfjell Management agrees new connectivity deal to support cloud strategy

Odfjell Management has signed a new connectivity deal with Marlink to support its cloud-based digital strategy and provide access to enterprise and crew applications across its 52 vessels.

The contract includes 43 vessels managed by Odfjell Management Norway and a further nine operated by Thome Management Singapore. Marlink will deploy a hybrid connectivity system to the fleet, including VSAT, L-band and 4G services, connected to a software-defined routing (SD-WAN) infrastructure via Marlink’s onboard XChange router.

Odfjell uses standard IT tools including Microsoft Office 365 in its daily operations, with Microsoft Teams used for meetings and document sharing. The company has already begun moving its vessel IT services to the cloud, to ensure that all of its ships can access similar tools and services to those available in its shore-based offices.

Marlink’s SD-WAN system will help to support this approach by assigning applications to different connectivity links, enabling software to be configured and delivered ‘as a service’ rather than as installed programs subject to performance and connectivity issues.

“Odfjell is continuously seeking new ways of using technology to develop digital solutions that fuel growth and value creation, while reducing cost and increasing operational efficiency and safety,” said Gunnar Eide, Manager Digital Applications at Odfjell.

“The Marlink smart hybrid connectivity approach gives us better access to and response from the fleet’s ERP systems. This will greatly improve the communication between ship and shore, it will provide extra efficiency during port rotations, and increase the crew’s opportunities to keep in touch with their family and friends at home.”

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