CO2 management software deal for MPC Container Ships

Shipowner MPC Container Ships has agreed a partnership with Berlin-based zero44 to implement zero44’s digital CO2 management system for its entire fleet, following the completion of a joint development and testing phase that began in February 2022.

Spun off by company builder Flagship Founders in May 2022, zero44’s CO2 management software for commercial vessels focuses on management of the implications of CII and EU ETS regulations, providing data that can assist shipping companies in their decision-making and commercial planning when it comes to controlling emissions from their vessels.

“We are pleased to enter into a partnership with zero44,” said Philipp Niesing, Marine Decarbonisation Solutions, MPC Group.

“Zero emissions is the ultimate goal for the entire industry and at MPC Container Ships, we aim to keep all vessels in our fleet consistently compliant under the new CII scheme from January 2023. To do this, we need software that will allow us to monitor the CII rating daily.”

“With zero44, we will be able to coordinate the deployment of our vessels with the respective charterers and jointly ensure that the CII targets are met throughout the charter year. The partnership so far has been very fruitful and educational for both sides, and we are looking forward to our future cooperation as well.”

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