Christiania Shipping rolls out CII Simulator

Danish ship owner and charterer Christiania Shipping has completed the rollout of StormGeo’s CII Simulator to improve the environmental performance of its fleet and ensure compliance with upcoming industry regulations.

The chemical ship owning and chartering company currently operates 20 vessels, with business in Europe, West Africa, and the Mediterranean. Christiania Shipping was already a user of StormGeo’s s-Insight Log reporting tool for onboard data collection and automated ship-to-shore reporting systems.

The CII Simulator will provide new functionality allowing staff to collaborate on operational deployment in achieving the company’s desired CII ratings, monitoring compliance status and forecasting future CII ratings based on potential future changes.

The simulations can reveal deterioration that indicates the need for vessel retrofits or major vessel conversions, should operational measures prove insufficient, StormGeo notes.

“With the new Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating scheme coming into play soon, we are determined to do our part in decarbonising the shipping industry,” said Rune Eriksen, Chief Operating Manager at Christiania Shipping.

“StormGeo’s CII Simulator not only gives us deep insights into the CII status of our individual vessels but also helps us make well-informed decisions on how we best can deploy our fleet. The system is very user-friendly and is being used across the organisation.”

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