Blockchain deal for digital seafarer certificate app IDSure

IDsure, a platform for sharing of digital seafarer certificates, has agreed a deal to integrate with the Concordium blockchain to add a new level of security to its data network.

The IDsure infrastructure is accessed through an IDsure App, which can be used for ID verification, issuing and registration of certificates, and cloud storage of data.

Founded by four former shipping professionals and investors, IDsure allows third-party stakeholders such as Port State Control or crew managers to verify the validity and authenticity of certificates online.

Following the new agreement, IDsure will utilise Concordium’s ID layer to combat fraud, allowing seafarers to hold and verify all their certificates digitally on the blockchain.

“IDsure is excited to announce that we are building on the Concordium blockchain. Our IDsure App will be the first-in-class blockchain solution for the maritime industry and will offer an interesting opportunity to harness the benefits of the Concordium blockchain’s ID Framework,” said Jesper Holmgren, CEO, IDsure.

“With this partnership, employees (the seafarers & offshore crew), shipping companies, training providers, and certifiers can look forward to increased security, reduced cost, and improved income.”

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