Vallianz adds live streaming to new DP2 vessel

Singapore company Vallianz is to add live video streaming systems to its newbuild DP2 vessel, Vallianz Prestige, in partnership with Australian start-up Harvest Technology Group.

The deal was agreed following a testing and proof-of-concept programme, and will see Harvest’s Nodestream technology used to provide live video streaming from onboard CCTV cameras to Vallianz’s shore-based operations centre in Singapore (V-Hub) using the vessel’s Inmarsat Fleet Xpress VSAT system.

Vallianz has moved its entire fleet to the Fleet Xpress service and will also implement Inmarsat’s Fleet Data service to collect, transfer, store and analyse vessel IoT data, as well as the Fleet Connect service to separate out dedicated bandwidth channels for third-party partners providing onboard services.

“Harvest’s solution will increase the operational efficiency of our vessels and improve the safety of our people as well as enhance the capabilities of our vessels,” said Head of Engineering, New Building and Technology at Vallianz, Elisa Woodward.

“Typically, our vessels will have 10 to 12 cameras placed around the forward-facing aft, on the back deck, in the engine rooms and other operational areas. Our newly built DP2 vessel, Vallianz Prestige will be predominantly traversing the waters of Asia and the Middle East. With Harvest’s technology, our V-Hub operations centre will be better equipped to monitor our vessel and people on a ‘real-time’ basis.”

“As an organisation that embraces new technology, we look forward to exploring the future with Harvest and how together we can enhance vessel operations and the maritime services we offer our clients.”

As part of this initial engagement, Harvest will also conduct onboard trials of wearable cameras on the Vallianz Prestige to improve remote support capabilities.

“The core differentiator of our tech is its ability to use bandwidth as efficiently as possible while maintaining livestream of high-definition and ultra-secure video, which reduces costs associated with purchasing large data pipes,” said Harvest Group Chief Executive Officer Paul Guilfoyle.

“Using our technology to transport efficiently optimised video, we will connect Vallianz’s onboard CCTV cameras via the vessel’s existing satellite network to stream back to their operations centre in Singapore.”

“At any time, an engineer could be at sea and dealing with an issue on a pump that requires specialist expertise to resolve. The engineer can simply connect a wearable camera or Android phone to the vessel Wi-Fi and livestream video, with two-way voice, back to a shore-based subject matter expert who can provide real-time technical support.”

Harvest notes that, as part of its developing technology roadmap with Vallianz, in 2023 the companies will explore new artificial intelligence (AI) support to further promote onboard safety, such as event-driven alerts for security monitoring, PPE monitoring, man overboard, or deck exclusion zone safety.

Vallianz began its trials of the system after linking with Harvest through the Inmarsat Certified Application Partner programme, with the video service having already been approved as working effectively over the Inmarsat satellite network.

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