Singapore’s Smart Port Challenge announces 2022 start-up winners

Singapore’s Smart Port Challenge, supported by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), the National University of Singapore (NUS) and other local bodies, has announced its 2022 winners at its Grand Final event.

The first, second and third place winners were GotSurge, GreenCOP and Seadronix, selected following an evaluation by a panel of judges of their proposed system, business model, market potential, impact to the maritime industry and overall team capabilities.

The winning firms from this sixth edition of the Smart Port Challenge (SPC) took home cash prizes of S$10,000, S$5,000 and S$3,000 respectively, finishing top of the pile from the 146 applications received from start-ups around the world for the competition.

The finalists have each also completed PIER71 Accelerate, a six-week market validation and customer discovery programme and are now eligible to apply for a grant of up to S$50,000 from MPA to embark on pilot projects with maritime companies.

First place winner GotSurge has developed a digital logistics platform that aims to provide customers and suppliers with end-to-end data visibility on all deliveries from a single centralised location.

“The Smart Port Challenge has connected GotSurge to potential partners and clients. In fact, the validation we received by participating in SPC allowed us to secure our first investor,” said Eric Chean, Managing Director, Got Surge.

“With their financial support, together with the SPC prize money, we shall be accelerating the development of our suite of apps to efficiently manage the fast-moving nature of goods in the marine supplies sector.”

“We are now finalising the execution plan of our ‘Green Marine Supplies’ supply-chain, including setting up a consolidation centre. This should be up and running by first half of 2023.”

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