Danelec introduces two new VDR data add-ons

Danelec has introduced two new web-based Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) services designed to provide status information and offer secure remote access to the VDRs on board vessels.

The VDR Monitoring Service introduces an online health status overview of VDRs combined with reported location of vessels, while the VDR Management Service adds features like the ability to remotely extract VDR recordings, download alarm logs and VDR Pre-Annual Performance Tests (Pre-APT).

Both services are powered by DanelecConnect, the company’s IoT infrastructure and data collection system, and are accessible directly online via the Danelec eService portal digital platform. Danelec’s Vessel Remote Server (VRS) system manages two-way data transfer to and from the platform.

Among the first shipowners to deploy the services is Eurotankers, on the MV Eurovoyager, a crude oil tanker.

“Eurovoyager is an important ship in our fleet as it sets the direction for future-proofing our business through maritime digitalisation and the Internet of Things,” said Capt Ioannis Kourtelis, Marine and HSQE Manager, DPA, Eurotankers.

“With a VRS previously installed it was very straightforward to add Danelec’s new VDR Management Service to the already very useful VDR Monitoring Service. We have benefited significantly from the monitoring and status data as well as access to the system and sensor data we now have. We expect to see more advantages including the ability to optimise VDR pre-Annual Performance Testing in the future.”

Danelec’s new services are immediately available to Danelec VDR users with an already installed Danelec VRS. Customers without a VRS will need to install one before gaining access.

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