Sipchem to implement Sea/ software for carbon tracking

Sipchem (Saudi International Petrochemical Company) has agreed a deal to deploy software from Sea/ to manage its voyage CO2 footprint predictions and reporting, to support compliance with both internal and global sustainability standards.

Sea/ will track the CO2 output from Sipchem’s seaborne transportation activities as part of the company’s mission to establish an end-to-end emission tracking system. The carbon module will also allow Sipchem to automatically embed carbon clauses within contracts to enforce its carbon goals.

“As a leader in sustainable polymer and petrochemical products, we are actively looking for ways to minimise our carbon footprint,” said Turki Asiri, Head of Logistics of Sipchem.

“With the shipping industry accounting for 3% of world’s emissions, Sipchem is using Sea/ to collect, monitor, track, and support decisions to reduce its carbon output and, in doing so, lead the way for other companies conducting voyages in Saudi Arabia and across the industry.”

Using intelligent prediction and calculating, companies can use the Sea/ software to make informed decisions at the point of transaction, capturing, monitoring, and reporting data to better understand how output can be minimised with future voyages to stay in line with targets.

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