‘K’ Line and Kawasaki to research AI-powered berthing support systems

Japanese shipping company ‘K’ Line is to work with Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) on research and development of an AI-powered Safe Berthing/Unberthing Assist System to support vessel manoeuvring and mooring operations in ports.

The new system aims to support shipboard crews’ existing knowledge of ship specific manoeuvring characteristics and mooring equipment by using tools like AI to increase safety in berthing operations.

The software will integrate KICS (Kawasaki Integrated Control System) technology, used to provide automated control of multiple steering elements such as controllable pitch propellers, swivel thrusters, side thrusters, and rudders.

‘K’ Line says that the technology will offer integrated support for all necessary operations while manoeuvring in port, including mooring line monitoring. The system will be installed on domestic vessels operated by ‘K’ Line Kinkai for testing as part of the R&D programme, with the aim of being up and running by spring 2025.

The new project will supplement ‘K’ Line’s existing work within its ‘K’ Line Autonomous Ship with Safe and Intelligent Supporting Technology (‘K’-ASSIST) initiative, which aims to improve ship operations through the integration of new technologies.

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