ZeroNorth adds vessel bridge access to optimisation platform

ZeroNorth has announced plans to make its software platform available for use by masters onboard ships, starting with two new browser-based applications: ZeroNorth Onboard and Live Voyage Optimisation Plan.

ZeroNorth Onboard provides real-time access to data for use in voyage optimisation while underway, including weather forecasts, with the Live Voyage Optimisation Plan displaying routing details in a live view.

The new onboard services will enable onshore teams to more easily update and share plans with vessel crews in real time, the company notes. Masters and operators can transparently see the same data, plans and reports to work together on optimising operations.

“Life at sea can be unpredictable. Conditions can change rapidly, and masters need to be able to quickly make decisions to keep vessels safe and on track,” said Pelle Sommansson, Chief Product and AI Officer, ZeroNorth.

“We are excited to put ZeroNorth Onboard and Live Voyage Optimisation Plan into their hands to be able to provide our customers with the data and visibility they need to make the best possible routing decisions.”

“As shipping pursues its sustainability and commercial goals with increasing vigour, making the ZeroNorth Platform available onboard ships will foster closer collaboration between those at sea and those on shore, ensuring total alignment and transparency on the goals and key performance indicators.”

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