Prosmar Bunkering pricing data added to Baltic Exchange calculations

Prosmar Bunkering has announced that it has begun supplying bunker pricing data to the Baltic Exchange, to be used in the calculation of Time Charter Equivalents (TCE) for vessels across the global fleet.

Prosmar Bunkering’s organised pool of bunker purchase data is based on actual stems from other companies that have opted in to share their data. This pool of data will be used to strengthen Baltic Exchange’s services to its customers, by ensuring they’re able to make accurate TCE calculations.

“By having Prosmar Bunkering support us with end-of-day data, to underpin our TCE calculations, we are able to create more value for the owners, brokers, charterers and traders who use our assessments,” said Isabella Kurek Smith, Channel Partners Lead, Baltic Exchange.

“They’re able to make accurate, trustworthy calculations, and improve the foundation for commercially sound decision-making.”

Prosmar Bunkering is a ZeroNorth company, having been acquired by the Danish maritime software firm in late 2022.

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