Kongsberg Digital to provide simulators with VR technology to UK Royal Navy

Kongsberg Digital has announced that it is to supply a range of navigation simulators for the UK Royal Navy, including Virtual Reality training systems.

The technology will be rolled out this year as part of Project Selborne’s modernisation of Navy training, enabling teams to train together with multiple vessels in the same scenarios, reducing associated risks, logistics and cost of seagoing training programmes.

In future, the new simulators will be able to integrate across different training establishments allowing bridge teams at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC), HMS Collingwood and HMNB Faslane to operate together.

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets will be made available to provide an immersive training experience for training in areas such a ship handling and Replenishment at Sea. Metaverse VR, an SME providing immersive training systems based in Portsmouth, will provide modelling support to the project, including the Virtual Reality units.

“This new suite of simulators will not only create highly realistic training scenarios for Royal Navy trainees but will also deliver significant resilience to the Navy’s training programme by allowing us to run, test and roll out regular updates without the need to wait for holiday downtime,” said David Hook, Managing Director of Capita Defence Training.

“This is a significant milestone in Project Selborne’s mission to get better trained people to the front line, faster, and I’m proud to be working with Kongsberg Digital to deliver world-leading training for our Royal Navy personnel.”

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