PortXchange makes emissions tracking software available to global ports

PortXchange has announced the launch of its new PortXchange EmissionInsider platform for emissions tracking and reporting, with the Port of Rotterdam acting as its launch customer.

PortXchange is a spin-off of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, established in 2019 as an independent organisation to offer digital systems to the global ports sector. Its new EmissionInsider application was created in collaboration with BigMile, a Netherlands-based calculation and analysis company offering systems to optimise and report multimodal transport-related carbon emissions.

The Port of Rotterdam initially led the development project and began using the system to identify all transport-related (sea-going vessels, barges, trucks, and rail) emissions in the port, as well as emissions from the sea passage towards Rotterdam and emissions from transportation to the hinterland, by rail, barge or truck.

Following a decision taken by the parties to make the emission-tracking system available to other ports, the project evolved into PortXchange EmissionInsider, with the aim of supporting ports in other jurisdictions in making better decisions on emissions reduction strategies, standardising reporting and achieving decarbonisation goals.

“The PortXchange EmissionInsider helps us to visualise emissions from all transport modalities – sea-going vessels, barges, trucks and rail. Equipped with this data, we can pinpoint the emission sources and develop a targeted approach to lower them,” said Douwe van der Stroom, Business Manager, Energy Transition & Digitalisation at Port of Rotterdam.

“We are also very excited that PortXchange will offer PortXchange EmissionInsider to other ports. Carbon emissions don’t stop at the border, and we need to work with other port authorities on decarbonising the shipping industry.”

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