Maersk Tankers expands digital platform with VesselTruth addition

Maersk Tankers’ Digital and Chartering team has created a new Vessel Dashboard within the company’s in-house VesselTruth digital system, designed to provide a central repository of all information needed to fix Maersk Tankers’ pool vessels trading in the spot market.

Previously, the information needed to clear a vessel was spread across different internal and external functions within a range of systems. Using the new tool the Vessel Dashboard can collect, verify and maintain all the information in a single platform, making it easier for charterers to secure the right cargo for the right ship, while improving the experience of pool partners and cargo customers.

“In order to secure a cargo for a ship, you need to go through a comprehensive pre-fixture process to ensure your vessel is compatible with the specific cargo requirements. The cargo owner usually provides a list of information needed to clear the vessel, including but not limited to technical specifications, cargo- and trading history, and compliance requirements,” said Christina Legarth-Lund from Maersk Tankers’ Chartering team.

“Collecting the right information and collecting it fast can effectively mean whether or not we secure important business for our partners’ vessels.”

“By creating this one-stop shop of vessel information, we are simplifying the pre-fixture process, making it easier for our charterers to secure the right cargo for the right ship and, ultimately, improving the experience of the shipowners in our pools and our cargo customers.”

Maersk Tankers launched the first version of VesselTruth in the spring of 2021. The software also includes an Onboarding module, to support shipowners in onboarding their vessels to Maersk Tankers’ pools within one central database.

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