StormGeo launches CII Simulator for charterers

Weather data company StormGeo, part of Alfa Laval, has launched a new Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Simulator for charterers, allowing time charterers to simulate end-of-voyage CII values and ratings based on the vessel’s status before the voyage to assure charter party (C/P) compliance for CII BIMCO clauses.

According to the CII Operations Clause for Time Charter Parties by BIMCO, both the owner and charterer must work together to achieve the best possible operational efficiency on the vessel towards compliance with CII. Furthermore, BIMCO recommends the owner and charterer agree on a specific CII to be achieved each year.

By leveraging this obligation on CII compliance, StormGeo’s new tool can help charterers to assess the impact of CO2 emissions along a planned route to determine the optimal speed and consumption based on the latest weather forecast that fits both the operational requirements and the obligation from the charter party in terms of the CII.

“We aim to provide a simple tool that helps charterers to tackle the challenges imposed by the CII BIMCO clauses. StormGeo’s CII Simulator for Charterer does not require a complicated setup or too much data. Once you have the underlying details for the CII before the voyage, then you can run the CII simulation,” said Dr Thomas Weber, Director of Fleet Performance Products at StormGeo.

In other news, StormGeo also reports that it has increased its shareholding in Climatempo, a Brazilian meteorological services provider, as it looks to expand its offerings to customers across South America.

Having acquired 51% of Climatempo Group in 2019, Alfa Laval group company StormGeo has moved ahead with the acquisition of an additional 38.66% of shares, thereby increasing its shareholding to 89.66%.

Patricia Madeira, the current COO, will take over as CEO of Climatempo Group on May 1st, 2023, while the founder and president, Magno Nascimento, will remain a board member of the company.

“Our ownership in Climatempo has facilitated the integration and advancement of weather-related technological know-how, empowering us to deliver innovative and more customer-centric solutions,” said Søren Andersen, CEO of StormGeo.

“Our collaboration has already yielded impressive results, and we are excited about the continued growth opportunities not only in Brazil but throughout Latin America.”

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