NAPA adds CII Simulator tool

Maritime software company NAPA has launched a new CII Simulator as a module within its Fleet Intelligence platform.

The new tool uses a ship’s digital twin, together with data on its past and current routes and performance, to predict its CII rating for every sea passage or for any desired date during the year, such as at the end of the year or after a given chartering period.

The software can also simulate the impact of different energy efficiency measures and operational profiles, such as weather routing or slow steaming, on a vessel’s CII rating and can model the effect of installing energy saving devices and hull cleaning.

“New regulations call for new ways of working, with digital solutions providing the objective insights needed to bring all stakeholders on the same page,” said Executive Vice President of NAPA Shipping Solutions, Pekka Pakkanen.

“While a degree of uncertainty remains about the full implications and implementation of CII, one thing is certain: if we are to make CII a success, we need collaboration, especially between shipowners and charterers.”

“To make this collaboration happen in practice, they need a common platform where they can develop a shared understanding of how a vessel’s CII evolves throughout the year, and what can be done about it. This is where our NAPA CII Simulator comes in, delivering reliable analyses and predictions that help them make the best possible operational decisions together to improve the ship’s performance, and boost or maintain its CII.”

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