Awake.AI, LifeFinder and Seadronix join Waypoint accelerator

Awake.AI, LifeFinder and Seadronix have been selected to join the fourth iteration of the Waypoint maritime accelerator programme run by Safetytech Accelerator, specifically set up to address safety and risk challenges in shipping during nearshore operations.

‘Waypoint 4: Nearshore’ was established to focus on tech that can solve challenges such as minimising human error, supporting safer navigation, reducing turnaround times and preventing accidents in nearshore settings.

More than 100 companies were considered for entry into the programme, with finalists invited to pitch in front of a judging panel made up of representatives from Safetytech Accelerator and Lloyd’s Register. The judges made their selection based on three main criteria: commercial readiness, innovativeness of the solution and the potential impact they could make in maritime risk.

Awake.AI, based in Finland, is the developer of an AI-driven Smart Port and Shipping platform. Terminal operators can use the system to optimise port calls with AI insights, while port authorities can leverage its tools to maximise the use of existing port capacity. Vessel operators can also use the software to support just-in-time arrival planning.

LifeFinder of Sweden offers an intelligent alert system that can proactively detect and alert on danger and life-threatening situations, to reduce injuries and potential deaths in the remote and hazardous locations.

Seadronix from South Korea proves AI systems for the maritime navigation environment, focused on complex ports and narrow channels. Its ship navigation assistance and port monitoring system provides real-time 360-views as well as situational information on surrounding environments to eliminate ship blind spots.

Over the next few months, the Safetytech Accelerator team will work with these companies to develop opportunities to pilot their technologies, with the programme winners set to benefit from support in refining their value proposition and building market access.

“In Waypoint 4 we chose to focus on nearshore challenges, an area where we know risk exposure and crew fatigue levels are increased,” said Nadia Echchihab, Safetytech Accelerator’s Head of Innovation Programmes.

“Awake.AI, Life Finder and Seadronix have exciting tech solutions not only to mitigate risks but also with significant commercial impact. We are thrilled to accompany these companies on their Waypoint journey: starting with boosting their value propositions alongside an ever-increasing pool of mentors, then helping them to pitch to customers to generate pilot opportunities and new proof points for the maritime industry.”

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