Bulk cargo handling courses added to OTG eLearning platform

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) reports that it has added Series One of the KeelX ‘Safe Handling and Transportation of Dry Bulk Cargoes’ programme to its eLearning platform, to assist crews in understanding the unique properties of different cargo types and how to handle them correctly.

Utilising case studies and real-life scenarios, the KeelX titles provide learners with information on how to handle and transport specialist dry bulk cargoes safely, allowing them to explore multiple operational scenarios and understand the best possible courses of action.

The first modules to be added to the Ocean Learning Platform cover the safe handling and transportation of coal, cement, and soybeans. Two new titles that focus on nickel ore and steel coils will follow in due course.

“KeelX invests heavily in its research, putting significant effort into data analysis, international codes, regulations, treaties, and operational incidents,” said Henning Davies, Global Commercial Director for Ocean Technologies Group.

“The Safe Handling and Transportation of Dry Bulk Cargoes titles are a perfect example of how KeelX uses the lessons learned from real-world incidents to create high-quality e-learning resources. Offering these new titles through the Ocean Learning Platform provides our customers with the resources to improve the safety of operations and evidence this commitment to their customers, partners, and stakeholders.”

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