New Swedish centre to mix physical and virtual simulation training

A new maritime educational centre developed by Swedish shipping company Furetank featuring a high-tech simulation training lab is set to open in summer 2023, located on the island of Donsö.

The centre will be equipped with a range of technologies supplied by Wärtsilä following the agreement of a new contract, including a full-sized class A navigational bridge simulator with a 240-degree horizontal view, a virtual reality bridge and bridge wing, a tug simulator, and an engine room simulator including a virtual machinery space.

The simulation lab has been designed to accommodate 14 students at one time, linking physical simulation with virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications for navigation, manoeuvring, docking, cargo handling and safety procedures.

The system will also be used to teach skills in operating new ship technology, such as shore power connections or LNG/PBG bunkering.

“Until now, the lack of access to simulator technology has been a bottleneck for us and many other fleet operators. New vessels are being ordered and manning them with fully trained and competent crews is a challenge, which is why this centre is so important,” said Jonas Gunnarsson, Personnel Manager at Furetank.

“Thanks to Wärtsilä’s technology, we can simulate 50 ship models, from pilot boats and cruise ships to tankers and towboats. Fairways for various ports can be navigated on the system, and we can simulate moving through ice or rough seas, the possibilities are endless.”

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