DNV launches emissions data verification platform

DNV has launched Emissions Connect, a maritime emissions data verification and management platform that aims to provide shipping companies with a verified source of emissions data for sharing with required stakeholders.  

While designed to support users in meeting the operational impact of various regulatory requirements, DNV notes that the system will also address the needs emerging from the introduction of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) and the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).

The EU ETS, due to be phased in from 2024, will require a Document of Compliance (DoC) holder – typically the ship manager – to surrender EU Allowances (EUAs) based on the annual level of emissions. The CII rating measures how efficiently a vessel transports goods or passengers.

Built on the Veracity Data Workbench, Emissions Connect will offer a digitally verified emissions data baseline and provide verified voyage statements that can be used for emissions accounting and to facilitate ETS allowance settlements. The tool’s emissions performance simulation model also allows for projections of a vessel’s future CII score and for planning of EU ETS allowances.

“Reliable, verified data is necessary at every stage of the value chain for operational control and accurate accounting of emissions in order to facilitate commercial agreements,” said Pål Lande, Digital Business Development Director at DNV Maritime.

“Annual aggregated data reports will no longer be sufficient to manage and control ETS allowances and CII performance. Transparency on a trusted and verified voyage statement based on daily real-time reporting of data will be an essential basis of commercial contracts.”

“Emissions Connect enables all parties in the value chain to work on the same trusted, verified and standardised dataset, or a single source of truth, which eliminates many of the data governance and trust issues arising from the traditional method of exchanging data via email.”

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