Greywing launches SeaGPT chatbot to assist in crew changes

Crew change tech start-up Greywing has launched a new maritime AI chatbot called SeaGPT, to help shipping companies manage port agency communications and access port, immigration and travel details for crew changes.

A query can be sent to SeaGPT via email or through Greywing’s software platform, addressing questions to ‘SeaGPT’ in a message or via a push-to-talk voice feature. The company says that future possible integrations for the chatbot include Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp and SMS.

“SeaGPT is the answer to the number one challenge crew managers have been asking us to solve – email overwhelm,” said Nick Clarke, Chief Executive Officer at Greywing.

“Since maritime companies already depend on Greywing’s platform to plan their crew changes, this was the natural next tool we wanted to create. With today’s AI advancements we’ve finally found a solution to solve our customers biggest problem.”

SeaGPT will be used to automate emails related to port agency communication, answering questions and providing information to crew managers to reduce the need for multiple emails. The system’s natural language capabilities can make edits to text, and can even book flights or provide specific information related to port restrictions and visa requirements.

The chatbot’s intelligence is sourced direct from Greywing’s proprietary dataset, which includes databases from over 18,300 ports, and it has been designed to handle conversations in any language, providing translations from English to be shared with seafarers in Hindi, Greek, Russian, Mandarin and others.

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