SEDNA and Veson upgrade data sharing integration between applications

SEDNA and Veson Nautical have released an update to further improve integration between their respective software systems, improving users’ ability to action and advance the status of multiple voyages at any one time.

For SEDNA, the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) integration will now provide mutual clients who have opted in with access to more extensive data—like voyage number, vessel code, voyage status, ETA, fuel on departure, vessel details and cargo details—for an increased number of voyages all from within the SEDNA platform.

This will provide users with an expanded, centralised hub with the latest voyage details within their inbox, which can easily be added to outgoing emails where required, for tasks like sharing ship position updates and operational reports based on real-time tracking of itinerary changes and fuel on departure from VIP.

Integrating the two applications also reduces the risk of human error that could otherwise occur when copying and pasting information across platforms, improving the accuracy of data shared.

“Today, maritime professionals have to process more complex information than ever before, so we need our digital platforms to be as easy and efficient to use as possible – working for us and not the other way around. This means having immediate access to important, real-time data to deliver on voyages and enhance shipping performance,” said Bill Dobie, Founder and CEO, SEDNA.

“With their global leadership in maritime freight management, I am delighted that we are expanding our partnership with Veson Nautical to advance our shared vision to use the power of technology to push maritime operations forward. Through this enhanced partnership, the shipping sector can further its leading role driving world trade and the global economy.”

The two companies first started working together in July 2021, launching an integration that would support the utilisation of data from the Veson IMOS Platform from within SEDNA. At present, maritime clients already using the current integration include Norvic Shipping, MOL Chemical Tankers, Western Bulk, Ardmore Shipping, Bunge, NORDEN, and others.

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