Euronav to work with OneNovation on fleet IT infrastructure

Tanker company Euronav has agreed a new partnership deal with OneNovation for the fleet-wide implementation of its abela IT service.

The IT infrastructure management agreement will see OneNovation, a member of One Net Group, develop and implement an ICT strategy for the Euronav fleet, working with the shipping company’s own ICT engineering team to identify and deploy the most suitable systems for Euronav’s operations from the OneNovation portfolio.

“We are thrilled to include Euronav under abela IT to jointly innovate their ICT landscape and enable them to become industry leaders in ICT technology and operations,” said Peter-Michael Haddad, General Manager of OneNovation.

“Our solutions are designed to provide a standardised and future-proof IT infrastructure, and we are confident that we can help Euronav stay ahead in Information Systems.”

OneNovation is a provider of a range of maritime tech services, including compliance reports, remote monitoring and management, and hardware packages such as the Zwana Nexus data centre.

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