AI-based radar tracker to assist in navigation and collision avoidance

Software company Periskal and Captain AI, an autonomous marine technology firm, have announced a collaboration on a new radar tracker system based on Artificial Intelligence.

The system operates by converting classic radar images to a synthetic variant, with artificial intelligence managing the translation into recognisable objects, such as ships with course and heading.

Captain AI’s AI-powered radar tracker can then be integrated into Periskal’s existing navigation systems, such as the Periskal Inland ECDIS Viewer, to offer collision detection and warnings to allow users to react in a timely manner to dangerous situations around the ship.

“The integration of the AI-driven radar tracker into our existing navigation systems enables us to offer systems that enable a further form of automation in shipping, including proposing course changes to an (Argonics or Alphatron) Trackpilot,” said Marc Persoons, Managing Director of Periskal.

“In the first phase, it will concern recommendations that can lead to autonomous navigation in the future, whether or not under the control of a shipping supervisor on shore. This collaboration with Captain AI enables us to offer our customers the most advanced technologies for inland navigation.”

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