e-Port and Lab021 agree to integrate digital platforms

Singapore’s e-Port and South Korea’s Lab021 have signed an agreement to integrate their respective technologies, with the aim of making a wider range of data and information available to their respective users.

Launched in 2020, start-up e-Port’s flagship product eLSA is an AI-enabled e-commerce platform to digitally link ships with a range of port services, connecting to approximately 470 ship agencies in 147 ports, across 76 countries.

In 2015, South Korean start-up Lab021 launched its fleet intelligence system Vessellink, which combines connected sensors and hardware to provide data analytics, connectivity, and automation services, offering weather monitoring and CCTV image recognition using Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

e-Port has recently established its first overseas office in South Korea with support from government agency Enterprise Singapore, which was key to this collaboration agreement.

“By combining Vessellink’s data platform with eLSA’s innovative software suite, stakeholders can now gain access to real-time vessel data, including AIS, weather conditions, engine data, and noon report,” said Lab021 CEO, Paul Lee.

“This unified amalgamation allows for real-time and accurate decision-making that heightens voyage planning, fuel consumption, and maintenance strategies. As a result, our customers can reduce costs, minimise ship accidents, and lower emissions to ensure smoother operations. This improves trust, strengthened partnerships, and delivers superior services tailored to our customers’ unique needs.”

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