Norled, Remota and Seam to build autonomous vessel control centre

Norwegian ferry and express boat operator Norled is partnering with Remota and Seam to collaborate on the further development of a control centre for marine operations that would be capable of remotely managing autonomous ships.

Remota is a joint venture between DeepOcean, Solstad Offshore and Østensjø Group, set up to support the adoption of remotely managed services. Seam is a supplier of emissions-reducing technologies to the maritime industry.

The three companies have signed a letter of intent (LOI) outlining their intention to build on Remota’s existing control centre for marine and semi-autonomous ship operations, and further develop this to include control of autonomous vessels.

“We have many vessels and crossings that we would like to make more autonomous in order to increase safety and efficiency for our passengers and crew,” said Erlend Hovland, Chief Technology Officer at Norled.

“Already, back in 2001, we performed our first pilot for auto crossing and auto docking, and we will this year start our third pilot. Autonomous navigation is taking the technology to the next level, and we are excited to join forces with our partners Seam and Remota to do so.”

Norled currently operates more than 70 vessels, running ferry and express boat services from the Oslofjord to Troms County.

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