UK ports sign data sharing agreement with UKHO

The Port of London Authority (PLA) and Peel Ports Group in the UK have respectively signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) to improve the supply, management and sharing of hydrographic and marine data.

The PLA is responsible for 95 miles of the River Thames, including the surveying of over 400 square miles of riverbed to support safe and efficient passage. Peel Ports Group is responsible for seven ports and terminals across the UK, from Clydeport in Scotland to London Medway in the Southeast.

Taken together, PLA and Peel Ports Group are responsible for handling more than 120 million tonnes of cargo every year. Data from the port groups’ operations will be shared with the UKHO for the purposes of improving safety and efficiency at these trade hubs.

The MoUs will also enable closer collaboration on the development of next generation navigational services. This will include the testing of systems based on the International Hydrographic Organization’s new S-100 data standards and joint exploration of opportunities to digitalise the port environment.

“Maintaining close relationships between the UKHO and ports has always been hugely important to support both safety of life at sea and the UK’s international seaborne trade,” said Paul Marks, Head of Data Partnerships at UKHO.

“Ports sit at a critical point in the supply chain. Their unique role comes with unique data which, in an increasingly digital industry, will be critical to the future of navigation, voyage optimisation and to decarbonisation.”

“These MoUs will enable us to more closely collaborate with the Port of London Authority and Peel Ports Group and work together with them to ensure a safer, more efficient and more sustainable maritime sector.”

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