Teekay Tankers to extend propulsion optimisation system to 25 ships

Teekay Tankers has signed agreements to equip 25 additional tankers with Yara Marine’s propulsion optimisation system FuelOpt, following on from an initial trial installation onboard Zenith Spirit in 2021, followed by a further three vessels in 2022.

Teekay has confirmed that the use of the system on those first four vessels resulted in fuel savings of between 3% and 5% through 2022 (when operating with steady shaft power). The additional investment to add the technology to more ships is part of the tanker operator’s strategy to improve sustainability and ESG performance across the fleet.

“Energy saving is a non-negotiable priority for Teekay, as we remain committed to reducing emissions and streamlining operations across our fleet,” said Soumendu Das Roy, Technical Director at Teekay Tankers.

“FuelOpt has demonstrated tangible savings on our pilot vessels in 2022, which we hope to replicate further in the fleet. We look forward to continue working with Yara Marine Technologies on our journey towards greener shipping.”

FuelOpt is used to automate specified operational settings throughout a vessel’s voyage, to maximise fuel savings. Crew can control speed, fuel consumption, and engine power through a single panel on the bridge, and the system adapts propulsive power to real-time environmental conditions to eliminate variations in speed and power.

The software system logs all performance and navigational parameters in the vessel’s performance management and reporting software, so the data can be used for Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) where required.

“Shipping’s continued success hinges on our ability to address existing challenges — such as the rising cost of fuels and the need to reduce emissions — while including the potential expense of future fuels in the strategy,” said Mikael Laurin, Head of Vessel Optimization at Yara Marine Technologies.

“Increased fuel efficiency is a practical, tried-and-tested solution that can address these challenges, now and in the future. We look forward to continuing to support Teekay Tankers on their compliance and sustainability journey.”

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