Asian Bulk Logistics to adopt AI-powered CCTV for onboard monitoring

Indonesian sea logistics and infrastructure company Asian Bulk Logistics (ABL) has agreed a deal with maritime AI firm ShipIn Systems to adopt its shipboard analytics platform for monitoring of safety, operations and maintenance. 

The agreement will see ABL install the FleetVision platform on its owned and operated vessels. The Jakarta-based company’s fleet comprises more than 100 vessels, including chartered ships, with 12 floating cranes, five mother vessels, more than 80 barges, three landing craft tanks, two accommodation barges, 11 tug-assist vessels, and more than 15 units of heavy equipment.

The ShipIn software can be used to detect events onboard in real-time using AI-powered CCTV, giving onboard and shoreside fleet managers visibility into onboard operations and enabling them to identify potential maintenance or safety risks.

Ship managers receive alerts of any operational or safety issues in near real-time, removing the need to sift through footage after the fact to establish why an unexpected event or accident occurred.

“In this digital age, we have the means to protect mariners using AI-powered systems that alert them to any risks arising from operational or maintenance issues onboard, as well as security threats,” said Edmund Situmorang, Chief Technology Officer at ABL.

“FleetVision will help safeguard our seafarers and provide data-driven insights that we can draw on to continuously assess and develop our onboard safety practices, procedures, and culture.”

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