Theyr adds Blue Wasp Marine vessel modelling to optimisation engine

Theyr has agreed a deal to integrate high-fidelity vessel models from Blue Wasp Marine into its voyage performance optimisation services.

Building upon Theyr’s recent partnership with Spire Global, which enables access to weather data, this new collaboration will add Blue Wasp Marine’s simulation technology for wind-assisted propulsion vessels to Theyr’s T-VOS AI-powered optimisation engine.

“This partnership represents the combination of three superior products, enabling us to provide highly accurate predictions promptly,” said Nico van der Kolk, Blue Wasp Marine.

“Maritime operators can now make well-informed decisions regarding the design and development of their fleet, leading to improved efficiency and performance. The value for wind-assisted vessels is uniquely complementary, as vessels can adapt their routing to maximise wind powering.”

The applications will support statistical analysis of historical and current voyages, to create multi-dimensional vessel performance and operational routing advice. Theyr’s software is bult on a multi-objective genetic algorithm, developed during a decade-long collaboration with the University of Southampton and The Alan Turing Institute in the UK.

“We are delighted to collaborate closely with Spire Global to enhance our voyage performance AI technology with the most advanced weather data and forecasting services. This new partnership with Blue Wasp completes the package with best-in-class vessel models,” said Peter Mantel, Chief Commercial Officer at Theyr.

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