IEC Telecom signs to offer future Rivada Space Networks services to maritime

Rivada Space Networks, currently in the process of developing a new LEO satellite network, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work with satcom service provider IEC Telecom to offer maritime services once operational.

Rivada planned OuterNET constellation will aim to create a global low latency point-to-point connectivity network of some 600 LEO (low earth orbit) satellites, combining inter-satellite laser links with advanced data routers to create an optical mesh network in space. Launch of the satellites is expected to start in 2025 and be completed by 2028.

The company says that this orbital networking approach, where data stays in space as it’s relayed between satellites rather than using the public internet, will provide an ultra-secure network with pole-to-pole reach, offering end-to-end latencies similar to or better than terrestrial fibre.

IEC Telecom will use Rivada’s OuterNET to provide ICT infrastructure services for the maritime environment, adding to its existing portfolio of connectivity and value-added service options.

“This partnership supports IEC Telecom’s commitment to pursue innovation for the best customer experience. Rivada’s service will allow us to expand our network’s SLA and offer high-throughput data connectivity ‘fibre-like’ in the sky versus DSL-like today,” said Erwan Emilian, CEO and Partner at IEC Telecom Group.

“We are excited to explore cost-effective packages for the humanitarian sector and test the resilience of maritime connectivity in the open sea. We are confident that Rivada is on its way to becoming a key market player in the satcom world.”

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